Village Mapping Workshop November 2019

//Village Mapping Workshop November 2019

Village Mapping Workshop November 2019

The Community Developers Cathy and Bridget run their first Village Mapping workshop with the aim of bringing the villages together to explore and share the great work which happens in the community and identify gaps.

Attendees worked together, sharing the initiatives within their villages and gathering ideas to take back to their own community. All the villages had many activities ranging from coffee mornings to yoga and schemes to support the more vulnerable members of society. One village utilised the school minibus to meet the gaps in transport provision.

During tea break, where delicious cakes provided by 1646 café were enjoyed, people were invited to stick leaves on a tree to demonstrate their hopes and aspirations for the community. Common themes were: – how to attract young families, lack of social housing, lack of transport, lack of access to medical services for the elderly and need for better internet. All villages thought their community were supportive and valued interaction.  The session ended with everyone writing on cards what skills were in the villages, these ranged from an air ambulance helicopter pilot, hairdresser, solicitors through to teachers and tree surgeons.

Dr Jenny Martineau from Castle Gardens Surgery joined us for the second half of the afternoon and was able to join in the discussion on the role of the social prescriber. Everyone is looking forward to the next session.

‘It’s very reassuring to hear that our community needs and future requirements are commonplace and reflected throughout the villages; so they are not isolated problems that just our is experiencing’

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