Torrington 100 Small Grant Application in Progress

//Torrington 100 Small Grant Application in Progress

Torrington 100 Small Grant Application in Progress


We’re very excited about our Torrington 100 Small Grant Scheme that is currently open for applications. Groups in Great Torrington and the sixteen villages we work with, (see below) are invited to put in an application to us for seed funding of £500 by January 31st. Successful bids will be selected by members of The Torrington 100 Steering Group. The criteria is that the grant will hope to impact for the better the lives of those experiencing one or more of the following:-

  • Living with two  or more long term health conditions
  • Caring for someone
  • Coping with social isolation

For more information please contact our Community Developers:

Bridget Cordory:   07939 154416

( Great Torrington, Buckland Brewer, Weare Giffard,  Frithelstock, Langtree, Peters Marland, St. Giles, Roborough, Monkleigh)

Cathy Richards: 07816 047 640

 (Great Torrington, Little Torrington,/Taddiport, Huntshaw/Alverdiscott, Yarnscombe, Shebbear, Merton, Dolton, Shebbear. Petrockstowe)

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