Be Creative Be Well

Wellbeing is more than happiness or the absence of illness. It is fundamentally about how people experience their own lives, whether they feel able to achieve things and have a sense of purpose. It’s also about a sense of belonging and being part of the social fabric, connected to other people and supportive local networks.

To find out more about Wellbeing and the positive impact it can have on our general health, please click on the links below:

Community Wellbeing
what it is and how it can be achieved through participation in the arts, music, song and physical recreation

Community Connecting
also known as Social Prescribing, it links people to non-medical resources that can help improve their condition

5 Ways to Wellbeing
a little ‘recipe’ that can help us all achieve a state of wellbeing

Wellbeing Benefits
how keeping well can improve both mental and physical health

The Evidence
some of the research that shows quantifiable benefits and improvement in our health