This aspect of our work is critical if we are to help create solutions that meet real needs. Our services include:

Prioritising the Issues

We will work with communities to help identify the key needs and issues, in order to understand the priorities for any particular village

The key issues in the Torrington area include

  • Social isolation
  • Lack of transport
  • Poor health
  • Supporting carers

But there will be others in different communities that we will help you to understand

Engaging Partner organisations

There are a myriad of community organisations already operating and providing great help and support to communities in the Torrington 100 area. We are mapping all these organisations, making contact and then making connections so that we can deliver Well-being in a joined up and consistent, efficient way.

Market Research / Surveys

The most important people in this initiative are the potential users of any of the Well-being services or initiatives that we create. To help understand individual needs and aspirations we will conduct (with our partner organisations and Parish Councils) market research and surveys to make sure we understand fully what is needed.