There are particular challenges in the Torrington 100 square miles, some economic but many linked to the isolated rural nature of the area.

These challenges will not all be apparent in all the villages but they do include:


  • Higher levels of income deprivation
  • Lower level of higher skills and qualifications than the Devon average

Starting Well

  • Higher levels with special educational needs
  • Living Well
  • Higher risk of obesity and physical inactivity due to older age profile

Ageing Well

  • Higher levels of dementia
  • Higher levels of unpaid care

Strong Communities

  • Issues with housing conditions
  • Geographic access to services
  • Fuel poverty

Lifelong Mental Health

  • Higher loneliness risk in some areas
  • Higher levels of self-harm admissions


For more detail see the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy, JSNA profiles and outcomes report (for Torrington)