Our Aims

 1.  To create a forum that allows all local stakeholders to have a say in the continuing future development of their community. The aim is for this partnership to include residents together with all services whose provision contributes to the well-being of local people.

  • Public sector g. housing, social services, employment, benefits, crime and safety, health and social care, fire and rescue, economic regeneration, parks and recreation, education and early years provision.
  • Voluntary and community sector and local interest groups e.g. charities, community groups, not for profit organisations, patient participation groups, social enterprises and arts and cultural organisations.
  • Private sector g. local employers, shops, businesses, services.

2.  To be part of the wider Devon Integrated Care System (ICS) and in particular One Northern Devon which represents North Devon. This will allow us to draw on a broader partnership and future funding opportunities.

3.  To build community capacity by delivering sustainable activities, projects and services to meet the peoples’ needs.

Our Geography

Torrington 100 gets its name from the 10 square mile area around Great Torrington that the local GP surgery supports (10 x 10 = 100!)

Here are the 16 villages that surround Great Torrington that are included in the Pilot: